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Ref.: TXUS200

- 40 channels AM/FM
- Channel rotary switch
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- Frequencies display
- S/RF vu-meter
- Public Address
- Scan + Scan Skip
- Talkback
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Tone
- ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT
- RF Gain / Mike gain
- RF Power
- Mic type electret / dynamic
- F function key
- Mode switch AM / WX
- Preset emergency (EMG 1/2)
- SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
- Weather channel with Alert
- Front microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack
- USB 5V 2.1A

- Front panel : brushed aluminium finish

Back light color :Red Green Blue Cyan Yellow Magenta light blue

Minimum Advertised purchase price:
Special Price: US$US$0.00 Regular Price: 0.00 US$
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Supply: 13.8 V
Number of channels: 40
Channel selector: rotary
Number of weather channels: 7
Weather alert:
Volume: Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
RF Power:
Squelch: Manual squelch
Display: LCD multifunction
Frequencies display:
S-meter: vu-meter
Public address:
Automatic SWR meter:
Filter ANL:
Filter NB:
Filter HI-CUT:
Scan + Scan Skip:
F / Menu function key:
Beep Function:
Roger beep:
SWR (Power Reading /SWR):
Preset channel: EMG 1 & 2
microphone plug: front (6 pins)
External Vox microphone jack:
External loudspeaker jack:
Size (W x D x H): 6.69 (W) x 6.29 (D) x 2.04 (H) inches , 170 (W) x 160 (D) x 52 (H) mm
DIN Size:
Weight: ± 2.43 lbs / 1.1 kg
Number of channels: 40
Number of weather channels: 7
Weather alert:
Modulation modes: AM / FM
Frequency ranges: from 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz
Weather channels: from 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz
Antenna impedance: 50 ohms
Power supply: 13.8 V
Size (W x D x H): 6.69 (W) x 6.29 (D) x 2.04 (H) inches , 170 (W) x 160 (D) x 52 (H) mm
DIN Size:
Weight: ± 2.43 lbs / 1.1 kg
Accessories supplied: power cord with fuse, 1 mounting bracket with fixing screws, Ultra light electret microphone with support
Frequency allowance: +/- 200 Hz
Carrier power: 4 W AM / 4 W FM
Transmission interference: inferior to 4 nW (- 54 dBm)
Audio response: 300 Hz to 3 KHz
Emitted power in the adj. channel: inferior to 20 μW
Microphone sensitivity: 3.0 mV
Drain: <2 A max. (with modulation)
Modulated signal distortion: 1.8%
Maxi. sensitivity at 20 dB sinad: 0,5 µV - 113 dBm AM / 0,3 µV - 116 dBm FM
Frequency response: 300 Hz to 3 kHz
Adjacent channel selectivity: 60 dB
Maximum audio power: 3 W
Squelch sensitivity: minimum 0.2 μV - 120 dBm / maximum 1 mV - 47 dBm
Frequency image rejection rate: 60 dB
Intermediate frequency rej. rate: 70 dB
Drain: 180 ~ 500 mA maximum

Antennas recommended for this transceiver

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Primary rule for best antenna performance: "The longer the antenna, the better the performance." Please consult your dealer for advice.



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RW Maryland USA


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NEW VIRGINIA (formerly called NEW YORK UP)

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2+3 years warranty

2+3 years warranty

This device is guaranteed 2 years parts and labour in its country of purchase against any manufacturing defects validated by our technical department. PRESIDENT After Sales Service department reserves the right not to apply the warranty in the event a breakdown is caused by an antenna other than those distributed by PRESIDENT. An extension of 3 years warranty is proposed systematically for the simultaneous purchase of a device and a PRESIDENT antenna, bringing the total duration of the warranty to 5 years. In order to be valid, the warranty registration must be completed and submitted within a period of 30 days after the purchase date to PRESIDENT ELECTRONICS online at You will receive a confirmation email if the registration is successfully completed. Please keep a copy of this email for your records.

Any repair under warranty will be without charge and the return delivery costs will be paid by PRESIDENT. A proof of purchase sales receipt must be included with the device to be repaired. The dates listed on the warranty registration and proof of purchase must match. In case the device is not under warranty, the repair and return of the device will be charged.

No spare parts will be sent nor exchanged by PRESIDENT under warranty. Do not proceed with the installation of the device without reading the user manual.

The warranty is only valid in the country of purchase.

Exclusions (not covered by Warranty):

  • Damages caused by accident, shock or inadequate packaging.

  • Power transistors, microphones, lights, fuses and the disrespect of the installation and use of specifications (including but not limited to antenna used with too high power, final output power transistors (SWR), inversion of polarities, bad connections, over voltage…).

  • The warranty cannot be extended due to the non-availability of the device while it is being serviced at PRESIDENT After Sales Service department, nor by a change of one or more components or spare parts.

  • Transceivers which have been modified. The warranty application is excluded in case of modification or poor maintenance done by a third party not approved by PRESIDENT ELECTRONICS.


If you note a malfunction:

  • Check the power supply of your device and the quality of the fuse.

  • Check that the antenna, the microphone are correctly connected.

  • Check that the squelch level is properly adjusted; the programmed configuration is the correct one.

  • In the event of a real malfunction, please contact your dealer first ~ they will decide what action should be taken.


In case of an issue not covered by warranty, an estimate will be established before any repair.

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